Remo Nutrients Complete Range Pack

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Remo Nutrients are made using only pharmaceutical grade minerals, marine extracts and the finest chelates to ensure consistency and pH balance.

Highly effective and suitable for use in hydroponic systems as well as soil and coco grows.

The Complete Kit contains everything you need for a happy healthy grow

Remo Complete Kit Contains:

1 x Remo GrowRemo’s Grow is intended to be used in equal amounts with Remo’s Micro in vegetative plants. It can also be used at 8ml/G to add additional growth to the plant before the flowering stage.

1 x Remo Bloom - Remo’s Bloom contains 1-4-6 base NPK as well as boron, chelated copper, chelated manganese, molybdenum, and chelated zinc.  Molybdenum converts nitrates to amino acids, which will increase yields by reducing stress on plants, improving pollination and fruit formation. Amino acids also release aromatic flavours, increase pollination, and help with ripening of fruits.

1 x Remo Micro - Micro has been designed to be used throughout the full grow cycle, complementing the Grow and Bloom nutrients perfectly. Use in equal parts to complete the macro and micronutrients needed for brilliant growth. Micro contains a variety of elements, all working alongside Grow and Bloom to help 

1 x Remo Velokelp - a root and foliar supplement. This formula is filled with vitamins and multiple seaweed extracts, specifically designed to support a thriving flourishing garden. It can be used during in all stages of growth, however VeloKelp is most beneficial during early plant development. During propagation it promotes vigorous root development and assists with reducing transplant shock. During vegetative cycle it helps with the generation of new shoots and appendages. 

1 x Remo MagnificalMagNifiCal contains chelated calcium, calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, and iron in two forms. Calcium increases fruit size, cell division, and aids in stengthening of cell walls. Magnesium increases the availability and efficiency of phosphorous in AstroFlower. Using two forms of iron chelate (EDTA and EDDHA) ensures that iron is absorbed properly and is stable in a variety of pH levels. This can really help with deficiencies in your soil and water whilst promoting and supporting beneficial bacteria and fungi development.

1 x Remo Nature’s Candy - It is extremely beneficial for all stages of plant development. It contains 12+ different L-amino acids, along with several B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6), magnesium sulfate, glucose, molasses, and two different iron chelates. This can be used in soil, soilless and hydroponic gardens. Literally this feeds your beneficial bacteria and is a food source for plants foliar and ultimatel root development.

1 x Remo AstroflowerPromotes flower development. AstroFlower has been specifically formulated to complement our Micro, Grow, and Bloom nutrient products. This precise blend of fossilized organics target the areas of your plant that control bud development and assists with the production of essential oils and aromatics, and increasing potency.

Available in 500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre or 10 Litre.