Garden HighPro Probox Propagator Tent KIT with LED Max lights (XL 1.2m x 40cm x 20cm)


Garden HIGHPRO Propagator professional propagation systems Garden HIGHPRO offer a range of propagator tents to help create the perfect environment for seed germination and rooting cuttings. Constructed from strong and tear resistant 420D Nylon Fabric with the frames constructed from a patented strong and stable steel structure. The inner is covered with a premium 97% reflectivity mylar certified as plant friendly. The high quality zippers are light proof and corrosion resistant. Plastic viewing windows, doubled soft fabric air, electrical inlet and outlet sockets, complete this tent range.

The kit comes with Garden Highpro's Ledmaxpro lights, which have the ideal spectrum design for our cuttings and seeds . Ensures optimal seedling growth with minimal consumption.

The Garden Highpro Ledmaxpro for propagators is a system of Led technology bars or bars designed for propagation of our seedlings, small plants and microgreens, they do not generate excess temperatures and are totally waterproof.