Garden HighPro Propagator LEDMaxPro Tubes x 5


Garden Highpro's Ledmaxpro has the ideal spectrum design for our cuttings and seeds . Ensures optimal seedling growth with minimal consumption.

The Garden Highpro Ledmaxpro for propagators is a system of Led technology bars or bars designed for propagation of our seedlings, small plants and microgreens, they do not generate excess temperatures and are totally waterproof.

The Ledmaxpro system is perfect for Garden Highpro Probox propagation cabinets. 

2 options are available. 

5 units of 55cm/10W/ 240v

5 units of 20w/ 110cm. Voltage 110-240v

Ledmaxpro Features
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Color temperature: 14,000 K
Lifespan: 20,000 hoursI
P66 resistance (moisture proof)

Ledmaxpro Features