Budget Large Propagator 58 x 37 x 20cm


Propagator 58 x 37 x 20

Propagators help to provide a humid, enclosed environment in which to nurture cuttings until they become rooted clones. This propagator is not heated. Heat mats sold separately. 

  • Large-sized Propagator for up to 48 cuttings
  • Tough & strong plastic construction
  • Clear plastic lid to allow light through
  • Lid contains 4 adjustable ventilation holes
  • Excellent value for money

How the Propagator

The large unheated propagator consists of a deep bottom tray and a tall, clear plastic lid. The bottom can hold a tray of rooting-cubes into which fresh cuttings are placed. When the clear plastic lid is placed on the top, a humid environment is created which helps to prevent your cuttings from wilting and dying. 4 adjustable ventilation slots are provided on the top of the lid so that humidity can be reduced as the cuttings begin to root and to provide a limited supply of fresh air whenever necessary. Our large unheated propagator can be used for up to 48 cuttings at a time.