Plant Success - Great White Mycorrhizae


Great White Mycorrhizal - Plant Success - Wonderful Rooting Powder

This amazing product contains 15 different species of mycorrhizae, 11 different species of beneficial bacteria and 2 species of trichoderma all in one product.

Proven research using this ground breaking formula has shown, using Great White explodes your root zone and maximises your yield.

Healthy roots equals plenty fruits!

Great White's concentration ensures optimum colonisation of root systems by the fungi. The water soluble powder makes application a snap and delivers the spores directly to the roots for immediate germination. Users should look for explosive root growth, increased yields, increased fruiting and flowering, increased nutrient and water absorption and improved transplant success. The key to healthy and vital plants starts with a vigorous root zone and a vigorous root zone starts with Great White!

Tip: Best inoculation with Great White would be when you transfer your infant plants into a bigger size pot at every transplant stage. Simply sprinkle the powder directly onto your roots, do this over your potting hole as not to waste any precious Mycorrhizae. Also 100% water soluble so if the pots' transfer moment has gone then simply feed in with water.

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