Eazy Block - 75mm x 75mm x 65mm (Organic Dry)


Eazy Block - 75mm x 75mm x 65mm (Organic Dry) - Single Block is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Eazy Blocks 

Touted as the next generation for sustainable growing the eaZy range of products have made a big impact already in a relatively short space of time. The all natural substrate is very well bonded so needs no outer plastic packaging which then allows the roots to be slightly exposed and air prunning takes place naturally meaning the primary roots do not grow past the blocks or plugs. This will then stimulate the abundent growth of secondary roots and root hair which will spread throughout the eaZy grow medium. This will allow a strong root structure to grow which will optimise maximum uptake of nutrients and/or liquids as well as oxygen.

This means that the primary roots stop growing beyond the Eazy Block because they get exposed to the relatively dry air and dieback. That will stimulate an abundant growth of secondary roots and root hair, that wil spread throughout the entire Eazy Block. The effect will generate a very well developed root system with a maximized absorption capability for the best possible intake of nutrients and fluids. There is no doubt that in this fully natural environment your plant will have the strongest and healthiest start possible.

  • predetermined and buffered pH and EC values
  • self regulating air-to-water ratio
  • extremely versatile performing well in any application
  • very easy to use.