BioBizz All Mix


Biobizz All Mix

  • Creates the optimum environment for plants to flourish all year round
  • Heavily pre-fertilised substrate mix
  • Full micro active ecosystem
  • Nutrient-fuelled power for lush growth upto 2 weeks

First Time Useage
Moisten with water and allow to stand for upto 36hrs allowing the pre-mix active fertiliser and micro-organisms to perform their magic
Keep soil slightly warm if too cool as the microbial activity will slow down and stunt growth
Allow soil to dry out between each watering to allow fresh air to penetrate the soil and allow it to breath

The pH and EC values
Contains natural organic elements rather than mineral salts
Allows high Electrical Conductivity (EC) value
Organic elements naturally keeps pH values at the correct level

Available in 20L & 50L
(Please note, the 50L bag is a heavy item and will incur a £5 surcharge for postage at checkout.)