ONA Gels


ONA Gel quickly and effectively controls your odour problem. This range is 100% environmentally friendly therefore totally safe to use around plants, people and pets. Ona is a complex formula using essential oil plant-based technology to destroy a wide spectrum of organic and non-organic odours. Unlike other similar products, Ona is not a masking agent, it neutralises odours instead. Simply open the lid and place it in your desired location, preferably somewhere with good airflow.

  • Available in 5 sizes: 400g, 732g, 3.27Kg jar, 3.8Kg pail & 20Kg pail.
  • Available in 5 scents: PRO, Apple Crumble, Polar Crystal, Fresh Linen, Fruit Fusion & Tropics.

Available in scents: PRO, Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal, and Apple Crumble, Fruit Fusion and Tropics.