FloraKleen - General Hydroponics


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FloraKleen is a salt cleaning liquid solution exclusive to our trade. Created to remove fertiliser residue that can build up over time in hydroponic systems, growing mediums, and potting soils. Remarkably it is usable even whilst your plants are still growing. Between crops, it can be used to sanitise your systems from accumulated salts, it can also be used at any time throughout the plant life!

During cultivation, FloraKleen dissolves build up of mineral salts, reduces plant stress by eliminating plants having excess build ups of food and imbalanced nutrients which would be a result of extra salts (you know the white line around your tanks where the water level was within the reservoir). It does this by breaking nutrient bonds that attach fertiliser salts to growing media, also correcting nutrient lock-out. Also nourishes the microbial life in the substrate.

Use FloraKleen every time you wash out your hydroponic system or potted plants to remove extra salts that can accumulate as a result of regular fertiliser application.

FloraKleen is also a brilliant final flush: Use it in the final few days prior to your crop finishing, promoting maturation and sugaring but also use it during the last one to two days before harvest.

Its high concentration and low price make it the economical choice for protecting your plants in both hydroponics and soil based mediums.


In Hydroponic systems

Between nutrient solution changes: Mix 1.5 - 3 ml of FloraKleen per litre of water. Use milder solution for young or fragile plants, stronger solution for older and stronger plants close to harvest. Circulate 48 hours with FloraKleen alone before adding nutrients.

Final flush before harvest: Drain old nutrient solution and throw away. Refill hydroponic reservoir with fresh water and mix 3 ml of FloraKleen per litre of water. Run this solution during last day or two before harvest.
Add 3 ml of FloraKleen per litre of water during the last 2 days before harvest to increase the sugar levels in your crop.

In Potting systems

In potting soil & soilless mixes: Every 15 days fill a watering can with fresh water and add 1.5 to 3 ml of FloraKleen. Soak until there is runoff from the bottom of the pot. Resume your regular fertiliser schedule with the next watering.
Again add 3 ml of FloraKleen per litre of water during the last 2 days before harvest to increase the sugar level in your crop.