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The HYDRO Triple Pack – 1x Grow Big Hydroponics, 1x Big Bloom, 1x Tiger Bloom - various sizes available

All the nutrients you need to take your Hydro system from veg to bloom to harvest.

1x Grow Big Hydroponics ® Extra Strength Concentrate with Micronutrients ( 3 - 2 - 6 )

Based on our popular Grow Big® Liquid Plant Food, this is a special formula just for hydroponic systems. Grow Big® Hydroponic Liquid Plant Food is a potent, fast acting, liquid concentrate fertilizer specifically designed for hydroponic use. When used as directed Grow Big® Hydroponic encourages vigorous vegetative growth. We add earthworm castings and Norwegian kelp into this special brew to encourage sturdier, healthier stems and leaves, but we also provide enough nutrients and trace minerals to create the kind of healthy branching that you’ll need later in the season for more abundant buds and blooms.


Hydro tip: Beginning the first week, use 2-3 teaspoons per gallon. Maintain pH between 5.8 and 6.3. When plants show their first sign of flowering, usually around week 5, switch to Tiger Bloom® and Big Bloom®

1x Tiger Bloom ® Vicious Bloomer with Micronutrients ( 2 - 8 - 4 )

Ready to bloom? Tiger Bloom® makes it happen. This is an ultra-potent, fast-acting, high phosphorus fertilizer with just enough nitrogen to sustain healthy, vigorous green growth during flowering. Fox Farm Tiger Bloom® is an ultra potent, fast acting, high phosphorus fertilizer that also contains a good supply of nitrogen for growth and vigour. It is formulated with a low pH to maintain stability in storage and keep micronutrients available. Tiger Bloom® can be used for both hydroponic and soil applications. When used as directed Tiger Bloom® encourages abundant fruit, flower, and multiple bud development. Use Tiger Bloom® at the first signs of flowering through harvest.

Garden tip: Use Tiger Bloom® at the first sign of flowering at the rate of 2-3 teaspoons per gallon of water. It can also be used as a foliar fertilizer; just apply it to both sides of leaves early in the morning. To extend flowering or fruiting, add our Big Bloom® liquid fertilizer late in the season.


1x Fox Farm Big Bloom ® is a micro-brewed formula which includes earthworm castings, bat guano and some other high test organic ingredients that offer a full range of nutrients. Includes Norwegian kelp (improves nutrient uptake and increases yields) it also has rock phosphate (helps transfer energy from one part of the plant to another, which means bigger buds and more fragrant flowers.) Ultimately you’ll enjoy healthier, more vigorous flowers and spectacularly improved fruit and vegetable flavours, as it will intensify flower fragrance, and it will increase essential oil production, which means a stronger taste in herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Fox Farm Big Bloom is for use in soil and hydroponic systems.

NPK 0.01 - 0.3 - 0.7 

Tip: Big Bloom is ideal for flowering and fruiting plants, and because it is organic it’s safe enough to use every time you water. Also if your plant is struggling, a root drench of Big Bloom will help to definitely perk things up.


Available in 3 sizes for the Triple Pack

3x 473ml

3x 946ml

3x 3.79L