Mills- Start-R


Mills START-R is a complex bio-stimulant nutrient additive aimed for use during the seeding, growth and early bloom phases of your plants. START –R is made up of nitrogen,  acting as a powerful root stimulator while also enhancing plant vitality and abundant branching. In this way, your plants will get the boost they need in order to grow at their fullest potential from the beginning. START-R is definitely a must have for any serious hydroponic growers who want to get the best out of their plants. Also, START-R is a no-fuss growth booster for your plants, since it can be used for hydroponics or any other growing medium type or watering method

  • Immediately absorbed by the plant
  • Promotes proper development for the seedlings, rooted cuttings and young plants
  • Helps plants recover transplant shock
  • Can be used for hydroponics system and with any grow medium 

How to use? Use a 4ml/1 gallon during the entire growth stage and first two weeks of the bloom stage.