Maxibright Dual Spectrum HPS+ 600W Lamp


High pressure sodium lamps are the go-to lamp for indoor growers. They are affordable, have high quality PAR outputs giving consistent results, crop after crop. None more so than the new 600W Dual Spectrum HPS+ lamps, manufactured and developed by Maxibright.

They have an immense total output of 1125 μmol/s and  their unique Par-Lock feature means you get no change in the spectral output, regardless of how you choose to dim or overdrive the lamp!

  • Provides more energy, essential for optimised photosynthesis
  • Fully compatible with magnetic and digital ballasts
  • Energy efficient avoiding excess heat generation
  • Delivers 10% more light than standard HPS lamps
  • For use during the vegetative and flowering stages.
  • 90,000 Lumens

They are predominately flowering lamps with a small percentage of the blue spectrum which eliminates the need to change lamps during cycles and adds the extra spectrum to the flowering cycle.

For use during the vegetative and flowering stages.