Can-Lite Carbon Filters


The Can-Lite has been developed with ease of installation, durability and effectiveness in mind. The can-Lite is manufactured using the same proven packed bed design as the original Can-Filter but utilizes high quality virgin activated Australian RC light weight granular carbon. Airflows start at 150m3/hr and includes filters all the way up to an impressive 4500m3/hr. The recommended lifespan of these filters is 18 months depending on humidity and odour concentration in the room. The larger filters are a compact 1metre long so they do not take up precious room in your growing area and are light enough to hang from standard 48kg hangers.  

  • Made in North America
  • Low pressure drop even on smaller sizes
  • Lightweight Austrailian Granular carbon
  • 2” Carbon bed
  • 51% open perforation for maximum airflow


ISOMAX 150mm (6”) 410 m3/h = CANLITE 150mm (6”) 425s

ISOMAX 200mm (8”) 870 m3/h = CANLITE 200mm (8”) 800

ISOMAX 250mm (10”) 1480 m3/h = CANLITE 250mm (10”) 1500

ISOMAX 250mm (10”) 2310 m3/h = CANLITE 250mm (10”) 2500

ISOMAX 315mm (12”) 2380 m3/h = CANLITE 315mm (12”) 2500

ISOMAX 315mm (12”) 3260 m3/h = CANLITE 315mm (12”) 3500

ISOMAX 355mm (14”) 4800 m3/h = CANLITE 355mm (14”) 4500

PLEASE NOTE:  10” filters or bigger are HEAVY ITEMS and will incur a shipping surcharge as they need to be delivered on a pallet. A quote will be provided after order completed.