Hailea Air Compressors ACO Series High Frequency


Hailea High Frequency Air Compressors

Hailea ACO Series Air Compressors ACO 208, ACO 308, ACO 318, ACO 328, ACO 388D, ACO 009, ACO 009E, ACO 300A, ACO 500

 Pumps and compressors use very similar mechanisms, and basically perform the same action, but in different fluid regimes. At some point there is a crossover point in terminology, but here are some stereotypes: 

  • Compressors operate on compressible fluids, typically gases. Pumps operate on fluids, typically liquids, approximated as incompressible. 
  • Compressors are intended to develop a very high pressure rise against a closed system; pumps are designed to develop relatively little pressure against a free-flowing system with minimal backpressure. 
  • Pumps are often used in continuous-flow operation, while many lower-end compressors must have intermittent duty cycles. 
  • Compressors usually have a feedback sensor to shut off when they reach a desired pressure; pumps have a fixed design and operate freely across their performance curve as conditions change