Phresh - Carbon Filters


Phresh have cemented their place in the industry for high quality carbon filters that clear the air of dust, foreign particulates, organic compounds and unwanted odours. Competitively priced, Phresh Carbon Filters are half the weight and last twice as long than many of its competitors.The aluminium tops and bases (to improve air flow), as well as the 51% open mesh design means that these filters are much lighter than other filters of the equivalent size, giving extra peace of mind when suspending them above delicate plants.

A popular choice for serious hobbyists and commercial growers.

Combine with any extraction fan and always be sure to choose the appropriate sized filter for the fan you are using. 

  • The perfect choice for complete odour control
  • Moves more volume of air per minute
  • RC-48 Australian activated carbon
  • Wash pre-filter aproximately once every 6 months
  • Machine packed carbon means more carbon and less movement.
  • Cone shaped internal base for optimum air flow
  • Large selection of sizes available to fit any application.
  • Flange & pre-filter included.

 Tip: Avoid conditions over 35C in temperature and 75-80%+ humidity as this can reduce the lifespan of your filter.