Veganic Special Sauce 1L - OG Tea


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Veganic Special Sauce is a user friendly tea that gives your plants remarkable results.

This special microbial blend was designed to not require excessive oxygen to properly inoculate.

In fact, by not adding excessive oxygen all species of bacteria begin to form at an equal pace and all do their job accordingly.

NPK 0.75 2.15 2.10

The other ingredients in Veganic special sauce have been added to feed the microbe population and also feed your plant.

The plus side to this is that you do not require an air pump and is an excellent introduction to teas.

Veganic Special Sauce is a good choice to add to your feeding program.

You are directly adding beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi. Veganic Special Sauce works with every nutrient, every growing style.

Tip: Veganic Special Sauce is also veganic. Therefore it can be used in a 100% organic/veganic production.