Sunblaster All You Need Propagation Kit


Sunblaster Propagation Kits

We have made up different ranges of kit needed for a full propagation cycle, choose the kit depending on your needs and experience at growing.

  • Newbies - basic needs met to cover everything you will need for a full propagation cycle
  • Junior Guru - more for the intermediate grower comprising of added essentials for the level of experience
  • Know It All - an experience grower who has experience of different elemantal additives during the grow cycle

Kit Type: 12" Junior Gurus

x2 12" Sunblaster LED Strip x1 XL High Dome Propagator x2 24pc Root Riot x1 4oz Great White x1 50g Biosys x2 Scalpel x1 250ml Biotabs x1 Boom Boom Spray x1 50ml Clonex Gel x1 Aquaking Sprayer 1L