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Sugar Royal is used in plant cultivation for enhancing the natural flavour and taste of the final product.
It is an addition to use alongside the basic nutrient.
The natural processes of the plant during the flowering period will be supported and challenged by using Sugar Royal.

Sugar Royal - Dosage and use:
Shake well before use.
Add a maximum of 1 ml of Sugar Royal per 1 litre of water (1:1000).
Use this nutrient solution from the second week of growth, every time you water your plants.

The advantages of Sugar Royal:
Best smell and taste.
Reduces the cultivation period.

Can I combine Sugar Royal with Green Sensation?
Yes, this is possible. Sugar Royal does not work the same as the flowering stimulator in Green Sensation.

Can I use Sugar Royal as a foliar fertiliser?
Yes, you can spray the leaves with Sugar Royal. Combining Sugar Royal and Vita Race us possible. However, we advise not spraying the leaves and flowers with these products after the third week of the flowering phase. Otherwise, these products may influence the taste of the end product.

How long can I store Sugar Royal after mixing it with water?
A nutrient solution with Sugar Royal can be stored up to 48 hours after preparation. This is because Sugar Royal contains many organic ingredients. In a nutrient solution, these can spoil after 48 hours.

Tips from Plagron:
Best Buds: Combine Sugar Royal with Green Sensation for even better results.

Sugar Royal NPK:
NPK fertiliser (9-0-0).
Nitrogen 9%

Sugar Royal 100 ml

Sugar Royal 250 ml

Sugar Royal 500 ml

Sugar Royal 1 (L) litre

Sugar Royal 5 (L) litre