RAM Air-Pro 2 - Fan Speed Controller


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AIR-PRO II - RAM (Rapid Air Movement)

A high quality designed and intelligent indoor climate controller which has a near silent noise and able to control 2 inline/exhaust fans using the built in thermostat control which also constantly monitors the environment and stays at the desired temperature and air pressure.

Simply attach your fans and set the desired temperateure and fan speed/balance setting. The AIR-PRO II has a remote thermostat sensor and temperature setting, as well as twin fan speed control.

A remote probe comes as standard and is accurate to within +/- 1 degree, the probe should be placed in the main temperature sensitive area of the grow room. The specially created software has the ability to calculate the running speed of your fan set up and learns to modulate (ramp down) to single running speed balance that will maintain the desired settings and give great economical performance throughtout the grow cycles.

The RAM AIR-PRO II looks for a stable fan speed to maintain the desired temperature. This means that your fans will be running below the maximum operating speed. They will be operating at maximum efficiency in reference to power vs. performance, extending fan motor life, whilst only using the minimum electricity required.

TIP: For best results, use the AIR-PRO Fan Speed Controller with RAM Inline Fans 100mm go 315mm, however it can be used with other brands to the equivalent size. DO NOT exceed maximum load.


  • 2m remote thermostat sensor
  • Variable temperature control
  • Variable fan speed control
  • Digital display
  • 2m power lead
  • Up to 7 amps per socket