PS1 Propagation System 1 T5 fluorescent Light


PS1 Propagation System 1 T5 fluorescent Light

A very reliable and durable T5 fluorescent light fixture ideal to use for germinating seeds or rooting cuttings allowing a light spectrum that provides optimal levels for plant growth.

The fixture has 2 24w light tubes with plastic sucker feet to form a secure fit to the propagator lid.

Item contents

  • x2 T5HO 24w electronic ballast with built in reflectors
  • x2 T5HO fluorescent tubes
  • x2 Nano reflective film
  • 1 set of click & lock spine
  • 3 pins 2m long power cables
  • x2 3 pin 30cm long connection cable
  • Accessories

Extras such as daisy chain links allows the expansion of your light fixture by joining several ps1 fixtures together, thesecan be purchased separately.

An efficient light spectrum sets the ps1 apart from it’s competition giving maximum light and longevity.

Your plants roots will be maximised with internodal growth increasing your plants strength and health.

The ps1 (Propagation System 1) is very economical to run at up to 80% energy savings.