Power Roots - Plagron


Plagron Power Roots is a root stimulator to be used in the growth phase and initial weeks of flowering.
Power Roots stimulates root growth and increases the pest and disease resistance of the plant.
It is economicai, works quickly and can be absorbed by the plant virtually immediately.
Power Roots therefore ensures the development of strong plants.

Dosage and use:
Add 1 ml of Power Roots per 1 litre of water (1:1000).
Make sure to use this solution each time the plants are watered until the fourth week of the flowering phase.

The advantages of Power Roots:
Fast, vigorous root development.
Rapid recovery after transplant.
Suitable for all types of watering systems.
Improves nutrient uptake and soil structure.

For how long should I give Power Roots to my plant?
You ideally want the plant to develop enough roots early in the flowering phase, so the plant can utilise its energy to produce flowers.
however stop using Power Roots from the third week of flowering.

How long can I store Power Roots after mixing it with water?
A nutrient solution with Power Roots can be stored up to 48 hours after preparation.
Power Roots contains many organic ingredients and these can spoil after 48 hours.

Tips from Plagron:
Reduce the likelihood of over-fertilisation by using Power Roots.
Use Power Roots to increase the resistance of the plant.

NPK fertiliser (0-0-2)

Power Roots is available in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 litre bottle and 5 litre can.