Omega Super HPS Bulb 600w


Omega Lighting design and manufacture quality products with the grower in mind. By combining the latest lighting technology with our own experience, our products are specifically designed to suit each unique stage of a plant’s growth. 

Quality grow lamps are essential in providing plants with the correct spectrum of light to maximise yield. Omega Lighting is proven to outshine competitors and provide rigorous growth and unrivalled yield.

  • 12-month warranty
  • The perfect lamp for use during the flowering stage of plant growth
  • Features an air purification chamber which improves the PAR output
  • All Omega Lighting Lamps carry CE mark and a minimum of one year’s guarantee
  • Provides plants with the correct spectrum of light to maximise yield.

How does Omega 600W Super HPS Lamps work?

The two ceramic tubes that have been designed to optimise light output help to achieve far more usable light energy within the user’s grow room. Likewise, the dynamics of the tube allows for a reduction of the heat that the lamp produces.

As a result, this will not negatively impact on the lifetime of the Omega HPS Lamp. This results in a far lower grow temperature, which will help to increase plant yield. The advanced super-lumen technology within this lamp produces more wattage from a lamp. Plus, the dense red spectrum is the ideal light during the flowering phase.