Lurpe Natural Solutions - Tasty Flowers Top Dress


What Is It?

Tasty Flowers Top Dress is a carefully selected blend of high-quality chemicals that promotes blooming and fruiting in living soils. Tasty Flowers is the best product to encourage blooming and fruiting in living soils and no-till systems due to the selection and balance of the components. All substances are allowed to be used in organic farming.

How to use:
Sprinkle over the surface of the substrate and mix with the first 5-10 cm. Use at the start of blossoming.

Bone Flour, Kelp, Bio Alfalfa, Insect Frass, Langbeinite, Blood Meal, Azomite ®,
Humic and Fulvic Acids, Rhizobacteria.

Keep it in a cold, dry location.
5-25 oC is ideal for conservation.
Avoid extended exposure to temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius.
Rhizobacteria viability is lowered after 18 months from the batch date.