Growth Technology - Hydroponic pH Down


Hydroponic pH Down 

The pH levels in all hydroponics systems need to be carefully monitored and controlled. The ideal pH range in a hydroponic set-up should be between 5.6 and 6.2. 

If your pH levels are outside the recommended range then your system is at a high risk of causing harm to your plants. At the very best the performance of your plants will suffer and at worst your plants will die, especially if they are left outside the optimum range for too long. pH levels can easily be controlled with the help of either a pH up or pH down solution. 

pH Down

pH Down is added to nutrient solutions when the pH level is too alkaline, contains 81% Phosphoric Acid more than many other pH Down products on the market.

Caution! PH Down is a highly concentrated aggressive liquid and should be handled with extreme care. 

Always check pH after mixing nutrients as final solution may change pH levels.