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Analogue Humidistat HR-EHSA - Faran

1) No necessary of additional unit for installation.

2) Easy to use with its simple structure.

3) Manufactured to use for only one humidifier since the capacity of internal switch is only 2.2 ampere.

4) High durability and trouble free.


Measurement : 10~80% rH

Accuracy : +/-5%

Operation span : 3%

Operation method : ON/OFF

Capacity of microswitch : 2.2A

Temperature : 10~40C

Sensor type : Nylon Loop

Dimension : 140H X 95L X 45W(mm)

Power supply : 110V(220V) / 60Hz(50Hz)

Power cord : 2m


Set the knob on the humidity level you want. If you set the knob on 70, the humidifier would stop at 70% rH and restart at 67% rH.


- Avoid the direct humidification to humidistat 

- Don't shock or apply the heat direct to the unit