DWC A & B - Plant Magic Plus


DWC A & B 1L - Plant Magic Plus - 1st Ever Specially formulated for hydroponic undercurrent and deep water culture systems (bubblers). 

In this growing method, roots are generally suspended from net pots above bubbling nutrient solution, which is oxygenated using an air pump. The high levels of oxygen create an optimal environment for rapid root growth and development, which makes DWC one of the most effective types of system in terms of growth speeds and yield. 

  • Specially formulated for use with DWC and undercurrent systems
  • pH stable, and fully balanced base nutrient 
  • Can be used throughout the entire grow and bloom cycles

Plant Magic DWC contains important macro and micro nutrients that are crucial for the growth of your plants

How to use: Plant Magic DWC Nutrient A&B will allow you to get the best results possible with systems such as the OxypotIWS Deep Water Culture and the Rush DWC.

  • Shake well before use. Use from veg to flower.
  • Add 1.5 – 2.5 ml per litre
  • Adjust pH if necessary
  • Add part A, stir the solution and then add part B. Don’t mix them in together.
  • Always add A & B the same amount of A and B to the tank
  • Once flowers form, add a PK additive

Grower’s tip: DWC Nutrient A & B is highly concentrated, a 1 litre bottle can be diluted to provide up to 650 litres of nutrient liquid.

NPK 4-4-7