Advanced Nutrients - Piranha 250ml. BRAND NEW. REDUCED TO CLEAR

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Advanced Nutrients Piranha is a high-performance plant supplement which contains a variety of beneficial fungi and bacteria in large amounts. These beneficials form a symbiotic relationship with your plant's roots and aid in breaking down nutrients so they are more easily absorbable, whilst feeding on organic waste which in turns keeps the root-zone clean and healthy. Adding Piranha to your nutrient schedule greatly enhances your plant's root zone, which in turns greatly enhances your overall results! Plants become stronger and more resistant to disease as well as producing larger yields.

How to Use Advanced Nutrients Piranha

Advanced Nutrients recommend to use Piranha throughout the vegetative stage and first 2 weeks of flowering at a rate of 2ml per litre. It is fully compatible with all Advanced Nutrients 'pH Perfect' products. As Piranha is comprised of natural and 'live' components do not use it alongside any products which contain Hydrogen Peroxide. 

For the very best results combine Piranha with Advanced Nutrients Tarantula and Voodoo Juice for the ultimate in root health and growth! 

Advanced Nutrients Piranha Growth Stimulant sits alongside products such as Bud Candy and B-52 to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Advanced Nutrients. For help with these products and how to use them, including ingredients and reviews, please call us, email us or check out our website.

Advanced Nutrients Piranha is available in 250ml, 1L and 4L bottles.

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