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With many modern diets lacking in essential vitamins and minerals our body’s endurance of life falters. That’s why we’ve combined our high-quality 99.9% pure CBD isolate with one of nature’s incredible wonders. From fruit, leaves, root, stem and bark, not a single part of the graviola tree is wasted. At Conscious Being we wanted to create a convenient way to help replenish what’s lacking so you can endure more.


The Purity of the natural world—contained in a single capsule. Conscious Being is dedicated to our client’s well being. That’s why we’ve brought the incredible benefits of two of the most beneficial compounds in nature—and combined them with the power of high-quality CBD. Feel the purifying ability of nature. Don’t settle for lesser supplements and lower quality ingredients.
X-Treme Recovery
If you take your body to the extreme then you’re going to want a CBD supplement that matches your intensity. X-Treme Recovery is an incredible blend of compounds that takes your recovery to the next level. We’ve loaded this product with a powerhouse mixture of ingredients, specifically tailored for the way they activate each other and boost overall performance. By combining a high concentration of our CBD isolate with an ancient blend of Turmeric, Ginger and Black pepper we’ve created the perfect CBD capsule for all. Whether you push your training to the extreme, or simply in search of a highly concentrated CBD product, X-TREME RECOVERY is the perfect choice.