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Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Killer Combo - Bloom A-B and Grow (in two sizes)

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Grow - If despite your success as an experienced grower you still need even more yield and potency – then pH Perfect® Connoisseur Grow may be the right base nutrient for you. This is the flagship base nutrient in the Advanced Nutrients line.

This product is for experienced growers of high value plants who have perhaps maxed out the potential of their current feeding programmes. When you buy pH Perfect Connoisseur, you have a base nutrient with the power to rival an entire shelf of standard base nutrients and bloom boosters. No expense has been spared in researching, testing and sourcing only the most potent, powerful ingredients, guaranteed to drive crops to their most productive grow and bloom phase possible.

Advantages of Connoisseur Grow:

All primary, secondary and micronutrients in this flagship formulation are either fully or partially chelated for optimal absorption by roots.

You can throw away your pH meters and pens forever because pH Perfect® Technology automatically keeps the pH in the “sweet spot” every week of your grow.

Safeguards against plant stresses resulting from wild pH fluctuations.

Prevents nutrient deficiencies, ensuring optimal nutrition.

With this nutrient breakthrough, you effectively get five products in one bottle:

1. Wet Betty: (A surfactant or “wetting agent”) which facilitates better absorption of nutrients by the roots.

2 + 3. H-2 (Humic acids) and F-1 (Fulvic acid), both of which provide additional pH buffering and chelation, among other benefits.

4. A broad spectrum of 20 amino acids, the building blocks of life, which are crucial to the construction of cell walls in stems, leaves, and flowers. These aminos are called “the bonus you cannot buy” because no other product on the market – whether made by Advanced Nutrients or by a competitor – contains so many amino acids.

5. pH Perfect Technology – for balance-free pH levels always in the “sweet spot”. … And other proprietary growth & blooming cofactors that activate your plants’ internal circuitry to multiply the size, girth, weight, potency, aroma, and taste of your buds!

The bottom line: If you already have the skills – pH Perfect Connoisseur has the power to make your plants reach their full genetic potential.



Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Bloom - a premium 2 part (A-B) bloom nutrient, developed by a team of 12 PhD scientists! It is one of the best bloom nutrients ever created for hydroponics or soil. 

Advantages of Connossieur Bloom:

  • Gives up to 43% more yield
  • University developed PH perfect technology (when following the recommended dose rates it will balance the PH of your nutrient solution, without the need to add PH down)
  • Pushes plants to their maximum genetic potential and beyond
  • More aroma, more taste and more colour in your plants
  • Rapid stimulation of flowering sites so your plants can and will produce more flowers.
  • Increase in flower size enabling them to support larger than usual growth.

NPK Part A: 3-0-0

NPK Part B: 2-4-10

A few words from the team at Advanced Nutrients...

'Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur is considered the "Ferrari" of bloom nutrients! Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur is in contention to be the best bloom nutrient in the world! This ultra high quality premium bloom fertiliser is definitely not going to be within every grower's budget, but the team at Advanced Nutrients wanted to show what can be achieved using only the best ingredients available, sourced from all over the planet.  Connoisseur's ingredients are treated as a closely guarded secret, but you can be assured that the formula offers a quantum leap forward for hydroponic gardeners. Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur will ensure you get much bigger, top quality harvests.'

'Hobby gardeners and professional growers who choose Connoisseur over other fertilisers are making absolutely no compromises. Connoisseur is the perfect nutrient for the obsessively dedicated indoor gardener that wants the best.. and only the best!'

Why is Connossieur expensive?:

This Premium priced, flagship Base Nutrient From Advanced Nutrients can actually SAVE you thousands and make you even more … pH Perfect Connoisseur is not cheap. In fact, it’s the most “expensive” Base Nutrient that we carry at Advanced Nutrients. But is it really “expensive” if it delivers more value than any other Base Nutrient currently available? Because of the immense value packed into each bottle of pH Perfect Connoisseur, this premium-priced base nutrient actually saves you money by eliminating lost time, failed crops and potential wasted harvests. And it allows you to make even more each year by increasing your output and the quality of your final product.

And the best part of all? We stand behind pH Perfect Connoisseur (and all our products) with our world-famous 100% Money Back Grower Guarantee. If for any reason you are not absolutely thrilled with pH Perfect Connoisseur, just bring the unused portion, along with your original sales receipt, back to the place of purchase within 6 months and ask for your money back. It’s that simple.


Who should not use Connoisseur Range:

  • pH Perfect Connoisseur is not for the grower who has been growing for less than 1 year …
  • pH Perfect Connoisseur is not for the grower who is struggling to get great results from other pH Perfect Base nutrients (all pH Perfect Base Nutrients are already dialed in to give great plant specific results – you should already be getting great results with pH Perfect Sensi for example before trying pH Perfect Connoisseur).

Follow This Simple Feed Chart Designed by our Research Team (Grow Phase)                                            

                  Week 1   Week 2   Week 3   Week 4 pH Perfect® Connoisseur

Grow Part A  1 mL/L   2 mL/L     4 mL/L    4 mL/L 

Grow Part B  1 mL/L   2 mL/L     4 mL/L    4 mL/L

Conversions: 1 Teaspoon = 5mL  |  1 Tablespoon = 15 mL  |  1 Ounce = 30mL  |  1 Cup = 240 mL

Note: At Advanced Nutrients, we do not use paclobutrazol, daminozide, or any other banned plant growth regulators in our products.