Canawipes x 30 - Can-A-Wipes


Can-A-Wipes is a wet wipe towel designed to tackle heavy duty cleaning jobs. It is also equipped with four skin conditioners used within the cosmetic and beauty industry. Can-A-Wipes can remove tars, resins from tools, hands and surfaces. No need for harsh and flammable solvents to do your cleaning, you now have an entire cleaning crew all in one wipe! Can-A-Wipes helps you to eliminate your odours from your hands and skin such as diesel, gasoline and fish smells. Destroy coffee and red wine stains! Remove caulking, permanent marker and grease from tools. A unique cleaning solution combined with the durable towel causes grease and dirt to cling to the wipe assuring it does not transfer back to the hands or surface. No more smears on the surface. The wipe lifts it off and imbeds it into the towel. Can-A-Wipes is suitable for Painters, Cement Masons, Commercial Fisherman, Mechanics, Plumbers, Landscapers, Agriculture / Farmers, Florists.

Tip: Also works on Permanent markers, Grease, & Cement powders.