Root Pouch - Grey Fabric Pot

size: 22L

Root Pouches are cloth/fabric gardening pots. The reason fabric pots are so widely used is they create a better plant by providing a breathable healthy root zone environment. Cloth pots, unlike conventional black plastic pots, allow water and air to flow through their walls nourishing the root zone of the plant.

 Another vital difference to plastic pots is that when plant roots meet the resistance of the walls of the pot the Root Pouch causes the plant to send out new feeder roots rather than circle as they do in plastic and harm the plant.

 Root Pouch is developed to allow optimum plant growth through all stages. Root Pouch pots allow the plant to breathe; they help cool the plant in summer and keep it warm in the winter (similar to a blanket surrounding the tender roots). Root Pouch say their pots are the finest growing containers that will produce the healthiest plants with higher yields than any other containers on the market.


Tip: Like plastic pots Root Pouches are reusable and the manufacturer assures 4-5 years of use from these pots. Can be used to transplant or kept for the entire life cycle

Available Sizes: 1L, 2L, 3.8L, 8L, 12L, 16L, 22L, 30L, 39L, 56L, 78L