Agrobacterias Organic Pesticides


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Fungi Killer
Ecological fungacide and phytostrengthner made from horsetail extract and green nettle. Bases its effectiveness in the Equisetonin and in its high silica and other minerals content.
FUNGI KILLER acts as a fungicide and increases the cell wall width at the same time preventing the pathogens proliteration.

COMPOSITION: 90% Horsetail extract, 10% green nettle extract.
COMBATS: Oidium, Mildew, Rust and other fungal pathogens
PREVENTETIVE USES: 3ml per 1L of water and spray or water
CURATIVE USE: 6ml x 1L of water and spray or water. In both cases repeat the application after 1 week to strengthen the effect.

Snake Killer
Bacillus Thuringiensis synthesizes protein crystals called Delta Endotoxins which are eaten by larvae. They produce intestine paralysis so the insect stops feeding and makes the epithelium break allowing intestinal fluids to flow to the vital organs and living tiss