Remo Nutrients - MagnifiCal


MagNifiCal is super chelated resulting in a quicker uptake of essential macro minerals to your plants. This specially designed formula speeds up absorption rates and can start affecting your plants within a couple of hours after use. 


Chelated calcium, calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate and iron in two forms.
Calcium increases fruit size, cell division, and aids in strengthening of cell walls. Magnesium increases the availability and efficiency of phosphorous in Remo AstroFlower. Using two forms of iron chelate (EDTA and EDDHA) ensures that iron is absorbed properly and is stable in a variety of pH levels.


For vegetative stage:
Week 1: use 132ml per 100 litres.
Week 2: use 158ml per 100 litres.
Week 3: use 184ml per 100 litres.
Week 4: use 210ml per 100 litres.
For flowering stage:
Week 1-5: use 210ml per 100 litres.

Week 6: discontinue.

MagNifiCal can be used as an additive or foliar spray.