Sol-Digital LED Clone Bar 18W 9000K 1.2M


Sol-Digital LED Clone Bar 18w 9000k 1.2m promotes rapid root development and tight internodal spacing for healthy clones and early vegetative growth.

Each pack consists of 2 lamps that can be daisy-chained together in series, or in parallel, and additional lamps can be added up to 40 lamps from a single power socket. 1.3m power cord available to buy separately. Place lamps 25-30cm above canopy and 25-30cm apart for targeted coverage.

Hanging attachments included.


  • 2 Clone LED strips a
  • Water resistant housing and connectors
  • 2 Strips 
  • Hanging clip and zip tie 
  • Bigger viewing angle with bigger coverage
  • Aluminium heatsink, PC cover with great heat dissipation
  • Easy to clean
  • Colour Temperature – 9000K
  • Efficacy – 2.1 umol/j
  • Light intensity (PPF) – 38umols/s
  • Input Voltage – 120-277v
  • Diode Lifespan at 90% – 54000 hrs
  • Beam Angle – 120°