Hailea - ACO77 Series Quiet Air Pumps (2L/min - 10L/min)


The AC077 series are robust little air pumps ideal for small hydroponic tanks and aquariums. They are great for bubble features and sensory equipment. Available in 1 or 2 outlets the ACO77 series is by far the quietest pump in its class and small enough to make installation easy. Part of the range comes with 2 outlets enabling you to run 2 applications from one pump.

ACO-7700 2L/min 1.8w 0.1 bar
ACO-7701 4L/min 3w 0.13 bar
ACO-7702 (x 2 outlet) 4L/min 4.5w 0.15 bar
ACO-7703 (x 2 outlet) 5L/min 5w 0.18 bar