Hailea - ACO96 Series Air Pump ( 3.2L/min - 16L/min)


The ACO96 series of super quiet air pumps are ideal for oxygenating nutrient reservoirs or aquariums for optimum health. The non-oil lubricated design of the ACO96 series produces a large output of purified air due to its high efficiency and compact design. With low power consumption and long service life, energy and costs are saved. With metal outlets, the ACO96 series allows several processes to be run from the same pump.

The highly efficient ACO96 series is great for both hydroponic and aquatic applications. The range can save you from buying multiple manifolds with its diverse outlet configurations ranging from 1-12 outlets. The variable flow control gives the user a more precise air flow depending on the application.

SS3 & ACO9601 air pump
Dial for a ACO9601
  • Rubber feet for anti vibration and keeps noise levels low.

  • Variable flow dial for better and more accurate flow control.

  • High efficiency oil free design for contamination free pumping
  • Exceptionally low power consumption from just 2W
  • Variable flow control with integrated rubber feet



  • ACO9601 - 3.2 l/min, 0.12 Bar - 1 outlet,  4mm Connector Size
  • ACO9602 - 7.2 l/min, 0.12 bar, 2 outlet - 4mm Connector Size
  • ACO9610 - 10.0 l/min, 0.15 bar,  4 outlets - 4mm Connector Size
  • ACO9620 - 14.0 l/min, 0.15 bar x 6 outlets - 4mm Connector Size
  • ACO9630 - 16.0 l/min, 0.15 bar, 8 outlets- 4mm Connector Size