Hailea Portable Air Compressor DC 12V


The ACO compressor series is large in output and high pressure. With dual operation of air compressor and vacuum pump, it is suitable for a wide number of applications but most commonly used in vehicle operated applications such as the transportation of fish. Supplied with a manifold the ACO compressor series is ideal for running off a battery pack. DC Powered for battery pack use

Fixed mounting brackets for better and more stable installation.

Due to the excellent portability and ease of installation the ACO compressor series is the ideal pump for fish transportation. Its DC power supply enables the pump to run off a battery pack enabling it to keep the tank water oxygenated throughout transportation.

    Output: 60L/min
    Wattage: 25W
    Weight: 1.5kg
    Voltage: DC 12V
    Dimensions: 195×91×128mm
    Pressure: >0.06Mpa

    Output: 100L/min
    Wattage: 75W
    Weight: 4kg
    Voltage: DC 12V
    Dimensions: 251×124×167mm
    Pressure: >0.08Mpa

    Output: 140L/min
    Wattage: 130W
    Weight: 4.2kg
    Voltage: DC 12V
    Dimensions: 218×138×181mm
    Pressure: >0.10Mpa